How Payment Work with Hidden Money Village

What is the payout period? When will I receive my payouts?

Our standard payout period is Net 15. At the end of each calendar month, there is a check to see if your account balance since your last payout is $100 or more. If it is, payment would be scheduled for 15 days after the end of that month for the current account balance. For example, revenue earned during April that exceeds the minimum threshold of USD 100 would begin processing around May 15th. Payout processing time can vary but typically takes around 3 – 5 business days. Weekends and public holidays can increase the amount of time that it takes for you to receive your payout. If you're unsure if a payout is processed around the 15th of the month, please look at the Payout History page. This page will show you all previous payouts made and any submitted and processing payouts.

Note: On an invoice, net 15 means that full payment is due in 15 days after the invoice date, at the very latest. ... In the case of net 15, the client has 15 days to pay the invoice. Net 10, 30 and 60 are the most common payment terms.

What is the minimum amount of revenue required to receive a payout?

An Hidden Money Tv Affiliate is eligible for payout once their pre-taxed accrued revenue balance reaches $100. If you do not make over $100 in a given month, we will roll over the balance to the next month until this minimum threshold is met. For example, if you make $20 in April and $90 in May, your April balance would be rolled over into May and you would receive a payout for both months in mid-June.

How do I see my previous payments?

You can track your Payout History now on your Channel Analytics page by clicking on the View Payout History link at the bottom of your Where does my revenue come from? Panel. We will send invoices until this section is developed

How do I change my payout method?

You can change your payout method by scrolling to the My Account section within your Affiliate Settings and selecting Change Payout Method at the top of the page. (this will change depending in the future) To access or edit this section you will need to have two-factor authentication enabled. Changes made to your payment method

What does "hold payments" mean? How long are payouts held?

If you are not ready to receive a payout, we hold it for you. Once you are ready for us to release your payout, you must still adhere to the minimum threshold ($100), along with the Net 15 schedule.

What is the ABA number (eCheck, wire, ACH)?

An ABA number (also known as routing number or routing transfer number) is a sequence of nine numeric characters used by banks to identify specific financial institutions within the United States. An ABA number is used for wires and electronic automatic clearing house (ACH) transactions such as electronic funds transfer, direct deposit, direct payout of consumer bills, eChecks, tax payments, and more. Note: your ABA is not always the same as the routing number printed on your bank checks, so please contact your bank for the appropriate ABA number.

What payout methods are supported?

Here are the payout methods we support. Before deciding, we advise considering all the options available as processing time and fees can vary.

  • ACH: This deposits your payout directly into your bank account within 1-4 days, making it one of the fastest methods. It is available for US residents only.
    Local Bank Payout Method or eCheck: A new, convenient method for non-US Affiliates. This option allows you to have the payout converted from USD to your local currency for a fee. The exchange rate is the wholesale rate (similar to the exchange rate charged by an ATM). This payout method takes 1-2 days.
    Check: This traditional method usually takes the longest to reach you.
    Wire Transfer: When using this method, you will usually incur an extra fee by your bank. In the case of international wires, there is often an additional fee if the payout must be converted to your local currency. The wait time to receive a wire payout depends on the Affiliate’s bank.
    We will have more payment options in the future


What should I do if I do not receive a payout?

If you’re certain you should have received a payout based on the information about payout timings and minimum threshold above, log into your dashboard and take a moment to review your settings under Preferences -> Affiliate -> Change Payout Method. Double check that your personal information was entered correctly, including your name, bank information, address, etc. Should you have any questions regarding your payouts, please go to and submit a help request from there. Make sure to log in so that your Affiliate status is noted.

I got an email stating my payout failed was rejected! What should I do?

When a payment fails or is rejected, your last listed payment method becomes invalid and will require updating before you become payable again. You check and amend your payment method via the Change Payout Method section of your Affiliate Settings. Common reasons for rejection include:

  • Wire Transfer/ACH/eCheck:
    Incorrect account information: You’ll need to double check your account information with your bank.

Exceeded receiving limit: Please see this help article from PayPal on receiving limits and how to remove them.
Incorrect email specified: When payment is sent to an email that is not attached to a PayPal account, PayPal sends an email to the address in question with instructions on how to claim the funds. If you do not have access to the email address that was used, PayPal will hold the funds for 30 days before returning them to us.


Reality Management LLC Offers all of our Hidden Knowledge Authors business consulting services to help our creators who do not understand that their business is their brand and IP (Intellectual property) this will allow authors to collect royalties. Hidden Knowledge services cost $22.90 a month!

Royalties are typically agreed upon as a percentage of gross or net revenues derived from the use of an asset or a fixed price per unit sold of an item of such, but there are also other modes and metrics of compensation. A royalty interest is the right to collect a stream of future royalty payments.

The way royalty is calculated depends on the license agreement relating to the intangible in question. Usually, it is calculated as a royalty percentage – a portion of the gross or net revenue gained through the exploitation of the licensor's IP. It can also be expressed as a fixed value.

Mechanical Royalties

These royalties are paid by Realty Management LLC responsible for the manufacturing. In the U.S., the amount owed to the Creator Outside the U.S. the royalty rate is around 5 percent to 8 percent but varies by country and membership

Hidden Money Tv income from mechanical and public performance royalties. They issue contracts that allow them to exploit the Content in exchange for royalty payments over a set length of time. The creator then receives a flat rate or percentage of these record label royalties.

A 'reasonable royalty rate' is an estimation of damages in patent infringement cases. It is often referred to as established royalty that a licensee would pay for the rights to the patented invention in a hypothetical negotiation.

1. Reasonable royalty rates are used in patent infringement cases

Patent infringement occurs when an individual or organization uses an inventor’s patented product or method without their permission. If a patent owner has licensed their patent rights to a licensee, and the licensee breaches the terms of the patent license agreement, this is also an infringement.

If a patent owner’s intellectual property rights have been infringed, they can take the infringer to court. The court will determine appropriate compensation that the infringer must pay the claimant.

In patent infringement cases, the claimant has two choices for determining damages:


  1. A ‘lost profits’ claim: If the claimant is able to prove the profits it would have earned had the infringement not occurred, they may be able to claim that amount as damages.

The ‘reasonable royalty rate’ approach: This approach is often used where lost profits cannot be proven. It provides the claimant with a market-based rate.

2. There is no single method for calculating a reasonable royalty rate

When it comes to calculating a reasonable royalty rate, there is no one-size-fits-all method. In fact, the laws, guidelines, and techniques surrounding reasonable royalty rates are constantly evolving.

Here are some of the most common frameworks you can use to determine reasonable royalties for a patented invention:

Market approach: If you have access to suitably comparable licensing agreements, you can base the reasonable royalty rate on the royalties earned in comparable transactions. In order to use the market approach, the third-party licensing data must meet strict technical and economic comparability criteria. Remember that royalties can be affected by factors including industry, market size, product growth potential and the nature of the licensed IP.

One way Hidden Money Tv Authors earn revenue based on a royalty system. Each month, 10% of Hidden Money Tv’s total Premium Membership revenue goes to a royalty pool for Authors.

Authors are paid from the royalty pool based on their share of the Hours watched by members (both paying members and those that are free members) across the platform each month. For example, if an author's Content receives 5% of the hour-watched or viewed by Premium members, that Author receives 5% of the royalty pool. We have a subscription service, the size of the royalty pool and the number of hours and times watched or viewed on Hidden Money Tv fluctuates from month to month.

On average, first-time authors can earn $200 in their first month on Hidden Money Tv, with top Authors earning upwards of $3,000 and more!

You must get a minimum total of 100 Premium Hour-watched across all of your video content or 1,000 views across all of your blog content in order to receive royalty payments. Please note; that a blog with videos also is counted.

How Hidden Credits work

Hidden Money Tv credit system is like no other, we want to make sure every user and creator benefit for using our platform. We don't believe in trading time for money so we pay both sides. We reward users for supporting their favorite creators. Just by registering as a member, you will be rewarded $5.00 you can not convert your credits until you have reached the threshold of $200.00

Credits Value 

  • 1 credit is worth 1 cent USD
  • 500 Credits are worth $5.00 USD 
  • 1000 credits are worth $10.00 USD 
  • 5000 credits are worth $50.00 USD  
  • 10,000 credits are worth $100.00 Usd
  • 20,000 are worth $200 USD This is where you can convert your credits into cash. 

Hidden Money Plus Affiliate Program

Users will make 30% on the first sell of Hidden Knowledge with a group of five levels decreasing down from 2 to 5 percentage levels are

Level 2 15%
Level 3 5%
Level 4 3%
Level 5 2%

You do not have to pay to be affiliated with our affiliate program; the program is entirely free for Hidden Money Tv Users. This gives you a chance to be able to make a suitable income with our platform.

When you share you link with somebody they will be directly placed under you and you will receive 30% of the sell of the price of Hidden Money Plus which cost $29.99 a month

When the person you referral, refers somebody to the same affiliate program that you referred them to you will receive 15% of the sell down to 3 more levels with a decrease in the sales Revenue.

Hidden Money Tv Affiliate Program

When users join the Hidden Mony Tv affiliate program, which is unrestricted, users will obtain an affiliate link. This will allow them to invite people to our platform, and that user is now connected to the user who introduced them to Hidden Money Tv.

Whenever the user you have introduced to Hidden Money Tv purchase something from the marketplace on Hidden Money Tv you will receive 2% of the purchase price of what the referred user has purchased.

Soon to come commissions

When a referred user purchases advertising ads the user who referred the purchasing user will receive 10% of the ad purchase.