Our Features

Build your audience with Hidden Clubs, own your own club, and charge a set price for entry. Imagine getting paid for Ig lives or clubhouse chats. This is a great feature for podcasters, new reporters, friends, and more!

Shopify is a bit confusing for those who have no web design experience. Well, we made it easier for our users to have an online store that is connected to their page. With the Hidden Credits currency, you can also purchase items from the shop with our currency.

You can now manage your business and your projects with our project management tools. You can add your staff and team to this feature and work together as one.

Just as Facebook and Twitter you can interact with your friends but more important your audience and get closer to them and keep them updated on what is going on with you. gain Hidden Credits for engagement within the whole platform. Spend your time with us and get paid for it.

Hidden Credits is credits that can be converted into cash, you earn credits by doing these simple things.

Registration- 500 credits 

Aniversary-2000 credits

Publishing Content- 1 credit 

Approved Comments-1 credit for member 2- author credit. Limited to 2 comments per post, up to 100 words a day. equals $1.00

watching Videos- 1 credit for every 300 seconds

Referring Signups- 500 credits 

liking post- one credit 

First-time buyer- 500 credits 

Subscriptions- 8 credits, comments from subscribers, one credit. 

Product Review- 25 credits up to 2 reviews per day. 

Clicking links- 1 credit once for each unique URL, five times per day. 

Viewing content- 1 credit up to 20 different content. One credit for viewing up to 5 other user stories.  Eight credit for joining zoom call once per week. 

You can transfer credits, purchase Items and services at the shop and convert the credits into real cash when you reach a threshold. Now you want to be careful how you earn credits because this will lead to an audit that can lead to termination.