Hidden Updates

May 20, 2021 Updates

users will make 30% on the first sell of Hidden Knowledge with a group of five levels decreasing down from 2 to 5 percentage levels are

Level 2 15%
Level 3 5%
Level 4 3%
Level 5 2%

Hidden Knowledge price has increased to $29.99. If you have paid for the cost of $22.90, you are grandfathered member. If your payment is not updated, you will have to pay the new price.

Show platform and how to use it. Get people from other social media to join ours.

Hidden Money Brand is going into a full-on tech company and looking to raise funding through a backing program.

How to use Hidden Money Tv

Explain the Credits

Content creators

Hidden Money Plus

May 21, 2021 updates

More ways to earn credits

  • Clicking links- 1 credit once for each unique URL, five times per day. 
  • Viewing content- 1 credit up to 20 different content. One credit for viewing up to 5 other user stories.  Eight credit for joining zoom call once per week. 

Changes happened to viewing it went from what you see above to 1 credit a day for viewing a page on Hidden Money Tv and up to 5 credit to view other users post. 

May 22, 2021 updates

In this update, we have some add on's and some changes to the affiliate marketing policy.

Hidden Money Tv will audit your account if we feel that suspicious activity is being used. When you have more than 20 invites within a 3 day span and less than 5 premium sales under your affiliate account, your account will be audited. We know people will abuse the system so we will hold your commissions. If you are not a Author you must have 2 sale under your affiliate account. This will stop fraud activities and abuse.

Member's Type

Now when members create an account you are able to pick and choose what kind of member you are which is a student of Sethiroth Author or just a person subscribing to the Authors content.

Author's live stream page now active.

You can now access your favorite authors' live when they give you updates that they are going live. Join and support their channels!


Two reactions has been changed

  • We have changed the cute reaction emoji into a cute little kitten name fuzzles. 
  • We have changed the boring emoji into a trash can and name the reaction trash. If you do not like a post because it was boring or let’s say someone posts a rapper that is actually trashed lol you can now let the community know how you feel about the song. Be proud! 

Menu updates

You can now find "Shop" under Activities and you can now find Live channels under Hidden Money Lives (We added a (s) to Hidden Money Live)

Hidden Credit Balance is back!

Sorry guys we were fixing the bugs within the Hidden Credit Balance, don't worry we have put the credits back for you guys!

New Look!

Hey, the Profile got a new look to give us a look that we believe you guys will enjoy. We are unique and still trying to figure things out with the way we want to present ourselves, but we want the user experience to be more accessible.

Live Streaming is up

This feature is costly, our team is working on the bandwidth for so many users to use the live stream together. But the feature and you guys can now go live. Enjoy!

Business & Branding Consultation

Authors of Hidden Money Tv Premium service Hidden Money Plus with get a one time one-on-one consultation with a Reality Management business consultant to help with a blue print for their brand and how we can help to make any goal be met for our creators. The booking app is created Hidden Money Plus will be released the next following week for you guys to take advantage of!

May 24, 2021 Updates

Videos and voice calls has been added

That's right, and you can now call each other or video chat with each other on Hidden Money Tv. Now, as an influencer, you have a chance to engage even more with your audience. This gives our Authors a way to give back even more to those who support them.

Hidden Money Backing is Now Up

You can Now back Seth and the Hidden Money Village team on getting features and making a better platform for all of us. We are a platform that does what we say we are going to do and you guys see that from the start. As you can tell by us giving you guys updates on everything that we do.

Hidden Knowledge Booking

On everybody's back office, you may see a booking app; this allows Hidden Money Plus members to have a chance to book for Sunday Hidden Knowledge consulting right in the comfort of their back office; no need to look for it.

Hidden Money Village Zooms and Lives Sundays will now be hosted in our own zoom channels as we slowly move to our own platform due to differences and beliefs for the people. (you) So during our classes we will either hold them on our live or our zoom.

May 26, 2021 updates

Paying With Hidden Credits

Users will be able to purchase products from Hidden Money Market place. This is a goal we have been trying to make: The credits you earned from making your day-to-day living you can use to purchase on Hidden Money Tv. Soon users will be able to transfer credit to each other.


Hidden Marketplace is here! We are in testing mode, Saturday we will be testing this feature with our backers. Any user will be able to purchase from this marketplace. But only Hidden Money Plus members can become a vendor. Hidden Money Village would take an 8%-6% for each transaction 6% if the vendor joined Hidden Money Tv through an affiliate link. The user who invited the vendor will receive 2% of each transaction. The user who invited the vendor must be a Hidden Money Plus member to receive the 2% from the referred vendor because the venue is coming from a premium service

The backer wall is up to show a huge thank you to those who invested $600 or more in our future.

Hidden Money Calender

This calendar will be found on everybody's overview wall. Please use this wall as it will tell you every date that we have meetings and more. We will be updating the calendar.

Backer's Compacity

You can now see how many people backed up, this will update every week.

May 27, 2021 Updates

Hidden Money Plus+

Today we are proud to announce the premium service that Hidden Money Tv offers This is what comes with the services, Normal users Premium will be added soon please be patient. To become a Hidden Money Plus member you can simply go here https://hiddenmoney.tv/https-copyinvestor-my-cheetah-website-4-cheetah-builderall-com-launch-a-book-checkout-page/

Hidden Money Plus Features

  • two-hour free consultation with a business and branding consultant.
  • Vendor License to sell on Hidden Market place
  • Access to project management tool
  • Access to Hidden Knowledge (weekly business classes)
  • Access to using Advertisement for content
  • access to Royalties program (Get royalties for your content)

A look in to the credits

We will not be removing anything we will be changing how frequently you get credits on certain activities.

Project management has been added

As we roll into Hidden Money update 1.0 we are still testing this lovely feature of Project management. This feature is only for backers right now as we test it together.

May 29, 2021


That's right we have added the feature where you can translate the website n any language you desire.

Protection from fraud

We will not let people mess up things for everyone so we will keep pushing forward. So a few changes will be made to the credit system.

Well for starters 

  • New Threshold is 20,000+ credits for you to convert credits into cash. (this is an immediate convert)
  • when users create an account and finish their profile, they will receive 500 credits.
  • Referrals went from $5 for each to $2 due to the bots and fake pages created. 
  • When being audit, 50% of your refereed users have to be active for 20 days. 
  • affiliates that make ten sales will receive 2,000 credits
  • Registration must be 100% complete for both users to get credited. 

New add ons and features

  • Active members are now listed in the sidebar. see whose online
  • Friends Suggestions are now in the sidebar 
  • Hidden Money Tv new look, we went from dark mode to light mode, this is more of a professional look. 
  • People you may know are live and on the front page. 
  • A new chatbox in the live stream >Go live 

June 2, 2021 Updates

Search bar and members can now be searched

We understand that looking for members was tough so now we fixed the problem. You can now find members on Hidden Money Tv. Below you will see pictures of how to do so.

You can see that you hit the search bar, type in the name you are looking for to see if they have any content out, if they don't you can click where it says Find the member you want to click the plus.

We are still fixing the search filter but you can scroll until you see the text box enter the name you are looking for and hit enter and their profile will pop up. Below you will see screenshots of how it looks on Mobile.

You can see above what the platform looks like on mobile, and you can search for people on here. Just hit the search bar and follow the same steps to find who you are looking for.

Hidden Credits update

So we did catch one who was trying to abuse the system. We have decided instead of punishing everybody we will actually take the $200 threshold and bring it back down to $100 and increase the free user's thresholds to $300 so now Hidden Money Plus members get to convert their credits are faster than free members we want to give the Hidden Money Plus members incentives to being an upgraded member.

Credits cannot be used to upgrade

I am a given Ceo, and we are a business that wants to pay people, so we need to make sure that we are making a return on our investment. Hidden Money Plus membership isn't in the marketplace, so it can not be purchased inside the marketplace.

June 4, 2021 update

It's finally here, users can now Transfer Hidden Credits. You can find (transfer Hidden Credits) inside of the activity tab in the side bar.


You can now see who made the most money within the Hidden Money Tv. Please ignore Athena and Seth on the Leaderboard. We are trying to find a way to take them off.

June 5, 2021

We are now copywrited and now you can see the terms and services to see what we are all about in the help portal https://hiddenmoney.tv/contact/

June 7 2021 update

Opportunity "Call" we have added an interactive video that will give a full detailed explanation of Hidden Money Tv. This interactive video answers every question that someone who is interested in our platform. No need to join a 30 min call, being sold, or hearing bs. A video that is straight to the point. Now how can this help you? Generate an affiliate link with the Opportunity call link and send it to people to join under your affiliate link and let them watch the Opportunity call Video.

Hidden Training

Now we have our own training portal that will be upgraded every time it is needed to. Hidden Training is a training portal that walks new users through all of the tools that are needed to create a successful profile and business on Hidden Money Tv!

June 15th, 2021 update

We have now added events to the calendar, now we will have classes and trainings everyday.

June 23, 2021 Updates

Meetings will be pushed back to 3:30 pm est, due to the lack of sleep I have been getting, and I am running a massive operation alone. I need people to work on this platform with me, and I am setting up a date to speak with people to help push this platform to the next level. I have been working with the younger crowd, and they will get this platform to the moon. Please add them show them love, and guide them if you can. I want to work with a few of you directly; If I talk to you daily, you are who I want to work with. But for me to be back in order with you guys, I have to operate after 3:30 pm

July 2nd, 2021 updates

We have a lot to go over today with this update we are still fixing bugs the site is gaining a lot of attention so it's overloading the site. we added the Business portal that will come with all the tools you need for starting your business.

The business portal comes with 

  • Books to protect you from being taken advantage of. 
  • Credit Repair Kit gives you everything to repair your credit even the student loan removal kit. 
  • Athena bot that will walk you through setting up your affiliate business or anything to get you right. More updates are coming this next following week. 

July 6th, 2021 Updates

We have added Seth's Mentees a tab where those who are learning from Seth or any of the teachers that work with Seth can go and find all of the tools and upcoming tools that are coming. You will also find the conference room there as well. Seth has added The credit repair course with the credit repair tools. We have changed the Hidden Money Plus tab to Upgrade. We have reached over 1000 users!

July 8th, 2021 updates

Messager just got a huge update, you can now send files and photos to people. You can also edit your message and delete messages now.

July 24th, 2021 updates

Hello everyone, I know it hasn't been a while since I have given an update, but I have been building the platform on the outside. I want to say thank you to all of those who have been supporting me. I want to also to say that this project has been very stressful for me, I have had to come up with a way to get users, and now another problem has come. There has come to our attention; some people are making a ton of fake accounts, and now this has put me in a tough place because now I have to renew the whole system of credits. Before we do that, I will be paying out to a very few members who supported me from the start of HMTV, Such as Tim, Martin, Chris, rose, Emily, Terri, grant. I have lost so much money with this project that I am in a deep hole with it, and it could have been a fail project if I haven't started marketing outside. We have almost 100 plus members now, which gives me a reason to keep going with this platform because I know we can become massive due to the feedback. I will start classes for different time zones very soon.

I want to get into the professor ranks.

I want my students to build their audience by becoming professors; how do you become one? Putting in work inside the HMTv platform, and I will handpick you; this will give you a chance to gain exposure to the public and promote what you have going on, and teach your class that we ask of you. You will rank up by keep working hard, and when you start making good money within the field, you are teaching. This is the only way to rank up. Just know my team and I are always watching and talking. You have to be chosen to obtain a rank; people have nothing to do with it. Let's get into the ranks. I also want to clarify that there will not be too many ranks given out as well, so no, everyone cannot go chairmen or be a professor.

  • Beginner Professor- These professors teach the starting and the basics of a topic of what they were asked to teach.
  • Advance professor- Teaches the more advanced information on the topic they were asked to teach about.
  • Leader- Leaders teach things they have learned on their own when it comes to the topic they were asked to teach and some marketing tactics. Leaders will also be able to teach classes at our event workshops.
  • World leader-World Leaders are now consultants and give help to our more advanced students and can now charge for their classes and teach students we have in other places in the world what they know. World leaders also teach at our event’s workshops.
  • House Member-House members can create professors for the field they want them to teach in. House members teach at events workshops and also create their events and create classes they want HMTV students to learn for the future.

The ranking system is coming soon. We are working on it as we speak. I am excited about it because this will create futures for people in the long run. I will be looking out for professors when it comes to what they need when it comes to many things. I also will be introducing them to clients, helping them get paid as well.

Other than that, I know I made it look easy, and people think I am superman and stuff or I am made out of money, but no, I am not. I have been losing money crazy with this project, and I will not let this project die due to a few bad apples that we started with us. The bad apples and their request had me spend money that wasn't needed for this project. The money I lost could have been put elsewhere; I will take the blame for it because I should have ignored them and focused on those who really and truly support me. Moving forward, that's what I will do for those who have a problem with anything in the platform. Please get in touch with the support that Chris Larsen runs. Backers, you have full contact with me, give me ideas, and whatever. Everyone else, I thank you, and please be patient as I figure this out because now we have gotten more significant than I thought.

July 26th, 2021 Updates

Hey, you guys, this update isn't going to be a happy one. I want to let you all know what will be happening very soon before the app release.

We see many WebTalk actions on Hidden Money The Village, and we will not stand for that. I Sethiroth Richards will not allow those who come from a toxic platform to go and poison ours. Now that we are reaching a place where we can start opening the marketplace, the dojo, and start putting the Hidden Credits to use, we must make sure we fix the system 100%. We will be removing a lot of credit features and only making them for plus members. The Hidden Money Team and I see what some of you guys are trying to pull off. Hidden Money Tv is not Web Talk; please return there if you want to play the fraud games.

Spamming to get credits will get your account deleted. We will give you a warning; then, we will start taking credits from you and then delete your account. Just because I am outside working does not mean I do not check on my home, and I want you guys to know I am almost done with my job and will be back home full time. I have gotten the younger crowd, and now HMTv will be going to the moon.

Thank you to those who support me; you will not be around much longer for those playing with our Village, so have your fun.

July 30th, 2021 update

After I come back from house shopping we will. doing the payouts to the supporting members and then we will remodel the credit system. Nothing is final, but it's a lot of fraud going on and we need to clear it.

August 16th Updates

We are stepping into the new world of Hidden Money Tv, the world where humans master robots and become one with machines. Hidden Money Tv 2.0 is the future and is still in the works, but you may see a massive difference in the platform as we are entering the new world.
Let’s talk about the most straightforward change to spot, the new color of Hidden Money Tv! we have changed the header to look cleaner and the beautiful space pink. Everything is visible, and the buttons now highlight with a shade of grey. You will see the background of the website galaxy purple to match the timeline we are in with Hidden Money The Village. We have updated the footer with an interaction footer that gives you information and access to becoming a plus member. Also, while looking at the footer, the footer will play music, giving you a rush of the time we are in.

A few pages got a new update; the Plus member page has reached a whole new look; with a fully interactive page, as you move your mouse around the stars, you can connect the stars, this page play music as well. The plus member page now tells users what we offer as a platform in full detail. We have added two different memberships, Ascend and Awaken memberships, that come with goodies, NFTs, and huge benefits. As you keep scrolling, you will soon see the new interactive opportunity call that will be so ahead of its time; online learning courses will never catch up to it.

Now you will see the classroom tab where users can use the free conference if it’s open and use the business conference room for business use only if it’s available. Soon we will have a booking feature for these conference rooms where users can book them for a certain amount of time. You will get 30 minutes free and then $2 for every 30 minutes. You will also notice that even this page is fully interactive. You will also see the professors tab; that’s right, Hidden Money Tv now has professors that teach at a particular time and day for the Hidden Knowledge feature of Hidden Money Tv. That comes with plus members memberships.

Hidden Knowledge is an online mentorship program that is set up like a classroom setting or college university; this feature will be great for business owners or content creators or those who want to become business owners or content creators. Hidden Knowledge teaches business development, web design, chatbot, wealth strategies, content creation, real estate, and much more.

Hidden Credits is getting a whole new system; the old one was compromised, and we will not punish everyone, just those who abused the system. For free users, credits will be harder to convert, and the affiliate marketing amount will decrease significantly. We see people we once trusted tried to do funny things with the system, and we will make sure their accounts get blocklisted. Any history attached to that IP Address, going over the currency system with a Lawrey, the way I had the system, and the way those we once trusted tried to abuse it could have gotten me in deep trouble, so I will have to protect myself. I will also like to note and understand that if this happens again with free users, Hidden Money Credits will only be converted to paid members. I do not think it’s fair that some bad apples made it this way for people coming into the platform.

Accounts that are not fully completed will not be able to convert their credits.

Transferring credits, transferring more than 2,000 credits will get your account flagged unless you have a great history with the platform.

Message has gotten a recolor and now you can send voice messages. 

Hidden Money Tv 2.0 is coming, and we are working hard to make this platform the next big social media of the following years.


The Hidden Money Tv Family thank you and want you to know we are working hard to make this vision come true. 


August 30th Update

Hello everyone, this has been a very stressful but successful update into the new stage of Alfa 2.0. We are still figuring a lot of things out. But the direction has never changed, maybe the look and style, but the mission is still the same. We are gearing to catering to those who want to create their own business and platform using the momentum of the Hidden Money Tv platform. We are proud to announce that the Hidden Money Tv App is close to Alfa release for the backers to try before the open gets to try the app. The marketplace opens up on September 4th; I want to have a backers meeting and allow them to list their product and services up to before we open up for business with that. I know the people weren't able to post things, and it took a while for us to fix this problem due to the vast update and changes to everything.

We also realize a drop in users after the credit fraud was address and we are proud to say we are happy about that. We must protect the house and make sure our goal with the credit system is fixed. Those who were grandfathered in will be able to keep their credit amount, but we will be clearing the rest of the user's credits and starting over as we build date for the converting ability for free users. We want to make this platform fair for users and do not want to mess up the platform or business opportunities for our users and content creators. We understood that the problem was that the credits were too easy to make, and that's where people started to go a little crazy with the fraud. We do have an idea of how we will make sure the credit system is fair, and we will be giving an update on that before the release of HMTV. We are working very hard to make sure we bring everything that we promise back to the platform as the funding isn't where we would like it, so we had to slow down production, but we will pick it back up.

We are proud of the future of Hidden Money Tv as we have broken so many barriers as we are still in the testing phase and five months old.

some of the new features are we have added new reactions

such as Dope, I Care, and Really and removed bossed up.

We wanted to bring Athena into the forefront with the reactions as she is the A.I of the platform and her new look fits the model.

Support Team

We are putting together a support team that will be lead by Christopher Larsen, this team will have full access to making sure that everything with the village is running smooth and all problems on the platform.

Hidden Classes now have a schedule for every class and the professors teaching it along with the days and time that professor is teaching. We are making the best platform we possibly can for the people because we want everyone to win. We understand we started off with speed and we are still moving faster than most platforms but we want to make sure that we do this thing right and make sure we will become one of the biggest platforms of the future.