what we aren’t

Most won't believe this, but Hidden Money Village is only eight months old. We have surpassed many companies who promised some of the things we have archived and will continue to deliver. Our users and supporters do not have to worry about us making promises and not delivering on those promises. If you watch the video that is listed here, you will see a platform opassive that has been promising their "founders" a lot of the features that we have, and well, take a look.

Hidden University isn’t for everybody due to it having to take time and work. Hidden Money village does not recommend these types of people to enroll in our university until they are in a better place. The stuff we teach our pretty challenging due to students having to put effort into their learning and classwork. Hidden Money Village hosts daily live classes, and maybe a specific type of person cannot make the classes and will fall behind.

Because Hidden Money Tv teaches things that can create life-changing results to those who put in the effort, we do not recommend these types of people to enroll in our university. We would encourage them to join our free platform, where there will be a free class from time to time. Join our community to get an update on the free classes.

: People who are dealing with a divorce

: People looking for getting rich quick

: Those who aren’t willing to work for themselves

: People who are in dire need and looking to fix last-minute outcomes